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Litigation and Dispute Services

Rock Hill & Charlotte Litigation & Dispute Services - Forensic Accounting

The successful outcome of any litigation often depends on a technical knowledge and expert witness testimony that is understandable and easy to follow.  An effective expert witness can provide valuable insight during the litigation and exert tremendous influence over the outcome of the case.  We believe that accounting expertise, valuation experience and tax knowledge are important components in litigation and early retention of an expert can prove invaluable in assessment and case strategy. 

We use accounting, auditing and investigative skills to provide accounting analysis that can be communicated clearly and concisely for discussion and in dispute resolutions in and out of a courtroom setting.  In addition to forensic accounting assistance, we can provide clients with valuation skills for use in dispute resolution.  

Our team possesses all the necessary disciplines: accounting, auditing, finance, forensics, valuation and taxation, as well as the relevant experience needed to prepare objective, thorough and defensible expert witness opinions and reports.  Our goal is to present our opinions in plain, comprehensible and compelling language at deposition or trial. 


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